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Company Apavisa porcelanico, is the foremost manufacturer in the production and commercialization of high-technical porcelain. The plant location of apavisa porcelanico merges the ability of its highly technically qualified staff and the most advanced technology in a plant surface area of over 200,000 sqm. With representatives in more that 90 countries, apavisa offers the global market a constantly appropriate and accurate reponse, as well as a product that gives professionals and consumers the confidence that every major project needs. TECNOLOGY- INNOVATION- DESIGN- SERVICE Apavisa has a permanent stock with an extensive range of products. Three groups can be distinguished within these products: TECHNICAL PRODUCTS: Marbles, granites, solid colour,… STONE PRODUCTS: Stones. FUSION PRODUCTS: New Materials. The products of apavisa provide confidence in all of our collections. They provide the highest quality, excellent technical characteristics and decorative benefits. The only limitation is your own imagination. This has allowed apavisa to carry out more than 3000 large projects around the world only during the last year
7 04, 2021

New Pre-Scored 20x20cm decorative collections, in 60x60cm

2021-05-13T09:52:43+00:0007/04/2021|Apavisa, Catálogos, Notícias, Nuevos Productos|0 Comments

New Pre-Scored 20x20 cm decorative collections New designs and models of 60x60 cm floor and wall tiles with pre-scored in 20x20cm. We recreate classic formats of small dimensions that have endured over time and that allow us to make creative compositions with a greater decorative component. These models, manufactured with Pre-Scored-20x20 technology [...]

8 03, 2021

3 metres large format porcelain tile

2021-04-09T07:13:36+00:0008/03/2021|Apavisa, Catálogos, Información Apavisa, Notícias, Novedades, Nuevos Productos|0 Comments

Apavisa breaks the limits of space: new format 3.0 Apavisa introduces 120x300 cm large-format porcelain tiles. These large Slabs seek to break the limits, by creating architecture inspired tiles with limitless sizes. Apavisa presents new versatile porcelain designs, which can be adapted to every project and application: Walls - Facades - Furniture - [...]

8 02, 2021

Hotel porcelain tile project: Am Stephansplatz Hotel

2021-02-08T11:03:13+00:0008/02/2021|Apavisa, Notícias, Proyectos|0 Comments

Hotel porcelain tile project: Am Stephansplatz Hotel Apavisa is participating in a new project in Vienna for the Am Stephansplatz Hotel. This project is turning this boutique hotel into a space of wellness and contemporary design. The team of architects from Archiguards ZT GmbH have designed this warm and welcoming space. For this, [...]

2 02, 2021

BIM videotutorial for architectural projects

2021-02-02T16:40:26+00:0002/02/2021|Apavisa, Без категории|0 Comments

From Apavisa Porcelain we present this videotutorial showing how to work with our BIM items library for Revit. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a collaborative and centralized information model that allows architects, engineers, consultants and/or designers to work on the same item at the level of design, structures and installations. [...]

19 01, 2021


2021-01-19T13:51:01+00:0019/01/2021|Без категории|0 Comments

ONICE Collection. Discover the new ONICE collection. We bring you a high-end porcelain design with three colors, one decor and two finishes that complete the offer of high-gloss marble from APAVISA. A mirror where you can observe your wishes and our soul. Discover it on our video channel: ONICE Video [...]

29 10, 2020


2020-10-29T08:26:08+00:0029/10/2020|Без категории|0 Comments

INEDITA Collection is something never seen before. Our new technology brings us possibilities unreachable until now, with incredible reliefs and effects thatgive each tile a unique design. Discover it on our Youtube channel: INEDITA Video

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