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Company Apavisa porcelanico, is the foremost manufacturer in the production and commercialization of high-technical porcelain. The plant location of apavisa porcelanico merges the ability of its highly technically qualified staff and the most advanced technology in a plant surface area of over 200,000 sqm. With representatives in more that 90 countries, apavisa offers the global market a constantly appropriate and accurate reponse, as well as a product that gives professionals and consumers the confidence that every major project needs. TECNOLOGY- INNOVATION- DESIGN- SERVICE Apavisa has a permanent stock with an extensive range of products. Three groups can be distinguished within these products: TECHNICAL PRODUCTS: Marbles, granites, solid colour,… STONE PRODUCTS: Stones. FUSION PRODUCTS: New Materials. The products of apavisa provide confidence in all of our collections. They provide the highest quality, excellent technical characteristics and decorative benefits. The only limitation is your own imagination. This has allowed apavisa to carry out more than 3000 large projects around the world only during the last year

Cevisama 2020 | Tour Virtual Apavisa

Cevisama 2020 edition has been a pleasant experience. We are very happy for your visits to booth Apavisa stands, as well as for the great response to our collections. There's the Cevisama 2020 Virtual Tour. We take the opportunity to thank you the interest in our design proposals. Enjoy our stand again and [...]

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Good vibes at Cevisama 2020

2020 Cevisama's edition has been a pleasant experience for Apavisa. Our two booths have attracted the professional visitor. The public has been able to know the novelties we have presented. The wide possibilities and applications of our collections allows to create innovative designs for every space. Check our website for Apavisa's collections and [...]

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Apavisa at Cevisama 2020

Every year Feria de Valencia hosts the most important ceramic fair in Spain. The 2020 edition, from February 3rd to 7th, hosts both ceramic firms and machinery companies. More information about the event in Cevisama's official website. Meet our booths Apavisa won't miss the appointment in which we will have two [...]

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The black color is depth ... it is the essence of the chromatic space itself ... the sum of all pigment colors. The whole in mattery. As in a black hole that absorbs everything and condenses in a single point. This is our new contribution to the chromatic range of SLABS. Our range of [...]

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At APAVISA we strive to provide the best service and quality. Innovation is our drive and one of our main priorities. For this reason we offer professionals the latest technological tools so that they can make the most of each project. BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) was created to serve as a standardised shared [...]