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Porcelain pools, infinite inspiration

The type of liner has a direct influence on the maintenance, aesthetics and functionality of the pool. Discover the advantages over tile!

The swimming pool is a very special space in the house. Around it, we experience unique and refreshing moments in the company of family and friends. It is also a piece of equipment that requires materials that combine design and functionality. Therefore, if you are looking for the best cladding for your pool, porcelain stoneware is the answer to all your doubts.

In this article, we look at the reasons why porcelain tile is the ideal covering for your pool and give you some inspiration with trend-setting tile designs and colours.  

Choosing the right cladding is essential to be able to enjoy it without worrying about maintenance or safety.

In this article, we look at the reasons why porcelain tile is the ideal covering for your pool.

pool with porcelain cladding

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Advantages of porcelain stoneware over gresite

While gresite has been a favourite pool tile for years, with a host of advantages over waterproof paint, today we can say there is something better.

Today's most modern pool tiles are made of porcelain, and here's why.

Porcelain tiles are more resistant

One of the main properties that make porcelain tile the better choice over stoneware for swimming pools is its resistance. Not only is it more resistant to knocks and daily use, but it is also a material with very low porosity that can withstand perfectly in humid environments such as the inside of a swimming pool. 

For all these reasons, we can safely say that porcelain tiles for swimming pools are more resistant than mosaic tiles for swimming pools made of gresite.

For all these reasons, we can safely say that porcelain tiles for swimming pools are more resistant than mosaic tiles for swimming pools made of gresite.

porcelain cladding for swimming pool

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More safety with anti-slip porcelain tiles for swimming pools

One of the main concerns of those who have to choose the liner for their pool is safety. It is important to choose a material around the pool that is resistant but also non-slip. In this way, both children and adults can enjoy the pool without fear of slipping or falling.

The porcelain tiles inside and around the pool basin can and should have a non-slip finish to ensure safety in this wet area. Apavisa's non-slip outdoor floors meet all the requirements, as they are Class 3 certified.  

In addition, thanks to their resistance, which we have already mentioned, the anti-slip capacity is not lost over time or with use, remaining unalterable throughout their useful life.

Infinity pool effect

One of the sensations that we like the most when we are inside the pool is the infinity pool effect. That feeling that the pool does not end at its limits, but continues infinitely.

The best way to achieve this is by installing large-format tiles for swimming pools that have the same aesthetics both inside and outside the pool. In this way, we achieve total aesthetic integration and that sensation of infinite continuity that we like so much. 

Easy to clean

Thanks to its technical qualities, porcelain tile is a material that practically does not stain. And if it does get stained, it is very easy to clean.

This makes pool maintenance and cleaning very easy.

Design versatility

When it comes to designs, there is nothing more versatile than porcelain tiles that can cover a swimming pool. From stone-effect porcelain tiles to those that imitate cement or those inspired by other natural materials such as marble.

The possibilities in terms of styles and imitation of natural textures such as wood are all you can imagine, and more. 

marble effect porcelain flooring in swimming pool

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pool with porcelain cladding, security and easy to clean

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Porcelain tiles for modern swimming pools

As we mentioned in the previous point, the versatility of porcelain tiles for swimming pools knows no limits. Regardless of the style you are looking for for this space, you will find a porcelain tile that adapts to your tastes. These are some of the designs that will not leave you indifferent.  

Travertine marble tiles for swimming pools

Travertine marble is one of the most sophisticated and well-known marbles in the world. Roman baths, temples and amphitheatres were already dressed with this material and nowadays you can obtain the same effect in your swimming pool with a porcelain tile inspired by travertine marble.

Glass tiles for swimming pools

The glass effect tile is a classic pool tile that provides a lot of luminosity, and it is not only available in gresite, but you can also get it with a porcelain tile.

Natural stone effect swimming pool tiles

Natural stone is elegant, resistant and has a wide range of design versatility. Among the porcelain tile collections, you can find a huge variety of designs. From tiles that imitate limestone to anthracite.

Porcelain tiles imitating wood for swimming pools

Porcelain tiles have achieved what until recently was unimaginable: bringing the warmth and natural textures of wood to a space as demanding as the swimming pool. Imitation wood tiles have all the technical advantages of porcelain stoneware and are capable of recreating natural designs in great detail.  

imitation wood flooring for swimming pools

Junoon Beige Solid 2CM

modern pool with porcelain cladding

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Swimming pool tile colours

In most cases swimming pools are usually blue in colour, and this is due to Rayleigh Scattering. Water absorbs long wave frequencies (reddish tones) more easily than short wave frequencies, which makes the blue wavelengths bounce back and we can see them with our eyes. 

However, it is important to bear in mind that depending on the colour you choose to coat your pool, you will obtain a different optical effect in the water. Some of them are really amazing. 

Swimming pools with blue tiles

Blue tiles are a classic for swimming pools. They intensify the colour of the sky reflected in the water, making the blue glass effect stronger. They also intensify the sensation of freshness, which is why they are commonly used in warm areas. 

White porcelain tiles for swimming pools

White porcelain tiles turn the pool into a Caribbean beach. As the white coating emulates the white sand of these beaches, the water is dressed in a truly elegant turquoise colour. It also evokes feelings of well-being and tranquillity.  

Swimming pools with red tiles

If you want your pool to be the centre of attention, there is nothing better than choosing a red tile for the pool shell. The effect it will give to the water will be truly unique, luxurious and elegant.

pool with brown porcelain cladding

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Grey porcelain tile for swimming pools 

Although more commonly used in spas and indoor bathing areas, grey porcelain tile for swimming pools also offers a very attractive visual effect. The greyish tones evoke the colours of the ocean and give a feeling of the open sea. An unusual choice but one that suits styles such as urban or chic.

Swimming pools with black tiles

Black tiles, as well as creating a really striking effect in the pool water, have several advantages. On the one hand, this colour conceals dirt, so it will be easier to keep it visually cleaner than a white pool, where every little speck of dust or accumulation of dirt is visible. On the other hand, it creates a lovely mirror effect.

However, it must be taken into account that black is a colour that absorbs more heat, so it is advisable to use it in shaded pools or in areas that are not excessively warm.  

grey porcelain tile terrace floor


grey non-slip porcelain tile flooring on terrace

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