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Encaustic kitchen flooring: a question of design

Encaustic kitchen floors continue to grow in popularity thanks to their personality and variety of designs. Their original appearance, with a high decorative value adapted to the needs of our times, makes them an essential design tool at the service of interior designers, decorators and architects. 

Their original appearance, with a high decorative value adapted to the requirements of our times, makes them a fundamental design tool at the service of interior designers, decorators and architects. Hydraulic tiles are undoubtedly an alternative to the most common tiles, such as those that imitate natural stone or smooth white tiles. A thorough knowledge of this material, its characteristics and designs is essential in order to know whether it is the best option for a kitchen floor.

coloured patchwork wall tiles

Ozone Patchwork Decor

blue hydraulic tile in the kitchen

Majolica Blue 60x60

antique effect hydraulic porcelain floor

Antico Black 60x60

Types of kitchens with tiled floors

The wide variety of patterns and designs available means that tiled floors are suitable for any type of kitchen. However, they look particularly good in certain environments. Below we look at the best places to install this porcelain tile.

Small kitchens with a vintage look

Vintage refers to the use of antique or modern objects with a design that harkens back to the past. In this sense, encaustic floors can help us to achieve that aesthetic of yesteryear in our kitchens. Collections with a hand-painted look or floral patterns are just a few examples of this trend. In small kitchens, it is advisable to opt for lighter shades as they give a greater sense of spaciousness.

Open-plan kitchens with encaustic effect tiles

Kitchens integrated into the living room have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are open-plan and brighter spaces, ideal for tiles with more complex patterns or darker and more saturated colours. In addition, thanks to its strong personality, encaustic flooring helps to define the areas of the room according to their use, without walls or other elements in between. Open-plan kitchens undoubtedly allow you to let your imagination run wild, as we discuss in this blog post, which brings together some ideas.

project with black and white hydraulic porcelain tiles

Domaine de Stang Bihan Project

black and white decorative hydraulic restaurant floor

Starline Black

Trendy colours for kitchen floors

Porcelain tiles combine colour and dynamism thanks to their many shapes and patterns. Today's trendy colours for kitchen floors work beautifully with this type of decorative tile.

Grey encaustic floor

Grey encaustic floors are characterised by the ease with which they can be integrated into any space, thanks to their neutral tones. Among this type of tiles, we find those that play with different shades of grey and are reminiscent of traditional stone mosaics. This is the case of A.Mano Grey Decor. Without leaving the grey scale, there are also porcelain tiles with a more lively character (terrazzo effect) or more powerful ones that combine such opposite poles as black and white.

grey hydraulic porcelain tile in the room

A.Mano Grey Decor

Green imitation encaustic tiles

Green was one of the most striking colours in the encaustic tiles of the past. In its porcelain version we find collections with floral and geometric motifs such as Senso Gren Solid. This floor tile for kitchens and other areas such as the patio combines a cool mint green with the earth colour to create a contemporary piece with the patterns of yesteryear.

extra-hydraulic green pavement

Senso Green Solid 2CM

Blue porcelain tiles

Blue is undoubtedly one of the most widely used colours in traditional hydraulic tiles. Our catalogue celebrates this heritage with a wide variety of designs: from monochromatic shades to motifs that simulate geometric or floral shapes. The blue porcelain tiles play with the contrast between shades of the same blue range. An example that combines all these characteristics is Majolica Blue, which, when used as a kitchen floor tile, takes us back to Portugal in the 60s and 70s.

blue starry background

Starline Blue

blue hydraulic tile in the kitchen

Majolica Blue 60x60

The benefits of encaustic-look porcelain tiles in the kitchen

The use of encaustic-look porcelain tiles multiplies the design possibilities in the kitchen. A renewed tradition with undeniable visual power, a wide range of styles, a resource for highlighting and even defining spaces. Moreover, its versatility is limitless, as it can be used both for flooring and covering.

In addition to its design advantages, there are the technical advantages that are typical of a material such as porcelain. Encaustic tiles are extremely resistant and easy to maintain, even in the kitchen. This is due to their low porosity and moisture absorption, as well as their amazing resistance to stains. In short, when you choose this type of flooring, you are choosing a surface that is built to last.

hydraulic floor in restaurant kitchen

Opus Blue 60x60

red hexagon floor

Cube Red

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