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The most inspiring tile textures

Tile textures add personality to any space. Discover the most successful ones and how to combine them in your professional project.

Because they bring personality and nuances to the design of any space. Because they are attractive to the eye and to the touch. Tile textures are, for many reasons, one of the qualities that architects and interior designers take most into account when selecting surfaces for their projects. And porcelain stoneware is one of the richest and most versatile materials in terms of textures.

In this article we will explain what textures have to offer in terms of design and functionality and which ones are currently the most popular.

Wall with embossed tiles in restaurant


What are textured tiles?

Textured tiles are those that do not have a completely smooth surface. Therefore, there are different types of textured tiles, from those with a more pronounced relief to surfaces with a rough surface, such as non-slip tiles. It should not be ignored that textured tiles should be distinguished from patterned tiles, which despite their intricate design are smooth to the touch.

Textured tiles can also be classified according to the material. In this sense, we can talk about tiles of natural origin, as is the case of stones such as slate or porous surfaces such as travertine or limestone. On the other hand, there are handcrafted materials such as mosaics, that have been with us for thousands of years. However, it has been technology that has taken textures to the next level, with 3D reliefs and geometric effects. Undoubtedly, porcelain stoneware is a good example of this.

Bathroom wall tiles embossed collection Zinc by Apavisa


Where can we lay textured tiles?

Porcelain tile allows texture to be added to both floors and walls . However, in each case it fulfills a different function. Let's see.

Textured wall tiles

In wall cladding, the texture of the tile plays a primarily decorative role. Textured walls are highly appreciated in the world of interior design, as they replace old craftsmanship and masonry work. Thus, porcelain tiles make it possible to give dynamism or visual amplitude to a space. Moreover, we must not forget the technical advantages offered by porcelain tile: it insulates from cold and heat, provides a resistant and low-maintenance surface...

Textured flooring

Textured tiles are not exclusive to walls. There are also options for the floor. In this case, their use is not only decorative, but also functional. When we talk about textured flooring, we are referring to rough surfaces that offer some slip resistance. Their use is advisable in spaces such as the kitchen or, especially, the bathroom, where they offer extra safety.

non-slip textured floor in the bathroom


Non-slip texture on outdoor areas

The same applies to outdoor spaces such as terraces, balconies or gardens. The 2 cm thick tiles, with a rough surface, offer the necessary slip resistance without compromising the design. When talking about outdoor spaces we also refer to facades, where there are tile options that recreate textures of materials such as natural stone or the rusty effect of some metals.

terrace with thick porcelain tile floor with small relief


2CM stone-effect embossed stone floor


The most popular textured tile designs

One of the main benefits of porcelain stoneware over other textured tiles is its variety and versatility in terms of design. Porcelain surfaces go where other materials can't reach, and its chameleon-like personality allows it to fit into any interior design or architectural project. Here are some of the most successful tile textures.

Mosaic and textured subway tiles

A decoration and interior design classic that never goes out of style. Subway tiles offer one of the most popular textures thanks to their beveled edges. Its use is common in spaces such as the bathroom and especially the kitchen, where they provide that particular urban personality.

There are also porcelain tile collections that perfectly mimic the look of mosaics without sacrificing relief. In the case of Apavisa, there are options within such successful collections as North or Alchemy.

textured porcelain mosaic in the bathroom


Wood textures with the strength of porcelain stoneware

Natural wood is one of the most appreciated textures in the world of interior design and architecture. They bring warmth and a sense of well-being to any ambience. Wood look porcelain tiles are not only capable of imitating its pattern, but also its texture.

Wood-look tiles can be used both as flooring and cladding. In addition, thanks to the water and moisture resistance of porcelain stoneware, they are also suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas.

wood-type porcelain tile with light relief


Marble and natural stone

The textures of natural stone have been with us for millennia. From marble, so popular in Greece and Rome, to granite, from slate to limestone. Porcelain stoneware adapts this heritage to the needs of today's most ambitious architectural projects.

Thus, within Apavisa's catalog you can choose the textures of marble look tiles, stone look floor and wall tiles or the peaceful design of travertine.

Apavisa travertine porcelain floor and wall tiles


The rustic look of terracotta tile texture

Terracotta tile texture is also adapting to modern times. Its organic appearance and earth tones are associated with styles such as rustic or Mediterranean. In the hands of porcelain stoneware, terracotta look tiles gain in strength and versatility in terms of applications and designs. Thus, collections such as Hutton or Barro expand their chromatic variety with innovative designs.


rustic terracotta effect floor with relief


3D reliefs and geometric shapes

The latest technologies involved in the design and manufacturing process allow porcelain tile to adopt almost any relief: wavy and geometric shapes, the crackle effect of some metals, the handcrafted look of old copper or tin reliefs... The options are almost endless when it comes to enhancing design and adding dynamism to any room.

wall with embossed tiles


In short, porcelain tiles show that we live in a world of textures, nuances and details. Would you like us to help you find the textured tiles that best suit your project? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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