The Reggia collection is a ceramic masterpiece born from a collaboration with a visionary artist. Inspired by the complexity of fabrics, concretes, patinas and paper, this collection fuses the expressiveness of art with the functionality of ceramic pieces. Reggia is an exploration of tones and textures that capture the essence of wear, degradation and the majesty of the antique.

Exploring the beauty of imperfections

Fusing art and ceramics in an ode to concrete and metal

The tones that have given life to Reggia's ceramic pieces are as varied as they are captivating: gold, beige, green, white and grana. These colours are inspired by concepts such as wear and tear, grunge, degradation and paper. The collection embraces imperfections as a fundamental part of its beauty, incorporating elements of deterioration that evoke a vintage and nostalgic style.

A journey to antiquity and vintage elegance

Reggia immerses itself in the past, transporting you back to a time of palaces and majesty. Each piece reflects the splendid journey of an ancient lineage, where the richness of history is found in every imperfection. The collection embodies the nostalgia of a time gone by, celebrating the unique beauty of the old and worn.

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Intrinsic concepts in every detail

The Reggia collection goes beyond the conventional by incorporating concepts rich in meaning. From tear-type wear to paper, each element tells a story of deterioration and resilience. The presence of imperfections becomes a statement of style, reminding us of the unique beauty that resides in the imperfect.

The set: union and metallic strength

The Reggia décor features a golden chain, symbolising togetherness and connection. This metal chain not only brings strength and resistance, but also adds a metallic touch that highlights the splendour of the collection. The fusion of metallic finishes and concrete creates a unique harmony, bringing each piece to life with a distinctive shine.

Immerse yourself in the elegance of Reggia

In short, the Reggia collection is an invitation to explore the fusion of art and ceramics. Its rich tones, intrinsic concepts and metallic decorations make it a unique expression of vintage elegance. Each piece tells a story of antiquity, style and endurance, bringing the majesty of the past into contemporary spaces. Indulge in the nostalgia and splendour of Reggia.


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