An unparalleled reflection of copper's oxidation as it passes through different phases.

Tiles with hints of stainless steel, metal and rust, conceived to lend a chic, cosmopolitan, unorthodox feel to multiple living spaces.


Through-body porcelain tiles that pay full tribute to their name.

Zinc is a collection that jazzes up modern interiors, reflecting copper's oxidation as it passes through different phases from a typical copper colour to a green patina.

Zinc is a new collection by Apavisa, based on the different natural phases of copper's oxidation, while also managing to stabilize the irreversible processes which this metal undergoes in natural environments.









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Large-format porcelain tiles.

Exclusive stable colours.

Its variety of unique stable colours emulate the different phases that real copper undergoes as it corrodes. Apavisa has reproduced the most fascinating ones: green, black and copper.

A collection conceived to open up new design potential, with functional, harmonious end results, allowing for endless different applications in multiple different settings.


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