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Trends in Hotel Interior Design

Following trends is key in any environment, but especially in a hotel, where guests want to feel even better than at home.

If there is one space in which it is essential to follow trends, it is in hotels. Hotel design is ahead of the game and is a benchmark for decorating homes in any style.

Hotels are a unique space and a benchmark when it comes to interior décor.

In this article, we talk about the main trends in interior design in hotels. Take note, whether you are a professional interior designer or you are looking for ideas for your own home.

hotel entrance with elegant brown porcelain tile flooring

Hotel Silent Spa | Austria | Cast Iron Black

Porcelain tile ideas for hotels: floor and wall tiles

The floor and wall tiles of a hotel are a crucial part of the décor in each of the areas. Get inspired by these porcelain tile ideas for hotels.

Hotel lobbies

A hotel lobby welcomes guests and gives them a preview of what they will find in the rest of the hotel. It is the most dazzling area of the entire hotel and this should be reflected in its floors and walls.

It is the ideal area to use the brightest finish on the floor and the most striking claddings, with reliefs. Although balance should always be kept in mind to avoid overloading the environment, this area is ideal to be a little more extravagant.


Without breaking the dynamic that we have created in the lobby, the corridors that lead to the rooms can be somewhat more sober. Wood-look wall claddings or polished-finish tiles can be an ideal option for this area.

Terraces and pools

On hotel terraces, it is essential that the flooring have a non-slip finish to avoid accidents among the guests. As for the appearance, it will largely depend on what we want to project in these areas.

In a classic-style hotel, marble-look flooring is ideal for outdoors, while wood can be the perfect look in a hotel with a more rustic or Mediterranean air.


The rooms are the jewel in the hotel's crown and the décor should reflect this. Wall tiles with floral motifs or those with a textured finish will give it a very special look. As for the flooring, the style of the hotel will determine the most appropriate type.

To provide warmth, wood-look porcelain tiles are the most appropriate option, but if you want a touch of color and originality, you can opt for pre-scored flooring.


The relaxation and freshness of a hotel bathroom can only be surpassed by the bathroom at home. The pleasant and clean atmosphere can be increased with white cladding.

But the bathroom can also be the ideal place for a patterned wall tile in dark tones or flooring with a rusty metallic look.

marble effect coloured porcelain flooring for hotels

Mercure Hotel | Klaipeda City | Fluid Multicolor 90x90cm

Industrial-style decoration in hotel

The industrial style is being used more and more in hotels and, far from being cold, it can be very welcoming if it is well crafted. Industrial decoration is defined by the following characteristics:

Exposed walls and ceilings

If there is one element that is characteristic of industrial decoration, it is that the structures are visible. Metal beams, brick walls or even pipes and electrical wiring are bare.

Industrial materials

Concrete, iron and steel are the materials that predominate in this style. However, this does not mean that they cannot be combined with other metals, such as bronze, copper or wood.

Very large windows 

The iron or wrought iron windows are a distinctive element of this style that fills each of the hotel's rooms with light.

Industrial-style furniture

The furniture in the materials that we have mentioned, leather armchairs and Chester-type sofas are a must for industrial-style decoration in hotels.

Colors in combination with materials

The predominant colors of this style are neutral: white, gray, black, brown, beige, etc. And the cement flooring is one of the ideal places to play with these tones.

metallic effect hotel floor in Germany

Garni Hotel Katzenthalerhof | Lana | Cast Iron

Vintage-style hotel decoration

The vintage style is cozy and endearing and is a trend that has been on the rise for several years.

Floral textures and patterns

The textures in the claddings and the furniture, as well as the floral prints and the hydraulic flooring, are the basis of the vintage style.

Vintage colors and pastel tones

If we had to define what the most vintage colors are, we cannot deny that pastel tones, such as pink, in combination with gold or silver, take the prize.

Restored antique furniture

Furniture in vintage decoration is comprised of unique, old and restored pieces or those with an aged look.

Decorative cornices

Cornices are not the first element that comes to mind when we think of the retro style, but without a doubt, it is a detail that will give something extra to your vintage hotel.

coloured tiled floor in a hotel in Spain

Hotel Icon | Barcelona | Encaustic Collection

Minimalist-style hotel decoration 

Less is more, and lovers of minimalist decoration know this very well. In the hotel, the minimalist interiors are characterized by the following:

Minimalist colors

What are minimalist colors? Light, neutral tones, such as white, black or gray. But without forgetting the touches in bright colors that bring dynamism to the space.

The essential furniture

Minimalism in furniture is characterized by simplicity, straight lines and the reduction of ornaments to a minimum.

hotel floor with minimalist grey porcelain tiles

Hotel am Stephansplatz | Austria | Nanoconcept

Classic-style hotel decoration

The classic style is very appropriate for hotels and is characterized by the following elements:

Light warm tones

The colors of classic decoration are light, predominantly those with warm tones: beige, ochre and yellow... But all these colors are developed on a neutral background, such as white.

Marble—a classic

If there is a classic within the classic style (forgive the redundancy), it is marble. Marble-look porcelain flooring is one of the elements that will make the difference in a hotel of this style.

Printed and upholstered

In terms of prints, fabrics and upholstery, the classic style is defined by the fall, the heaviness and the brocades... Materials such as velvet or silk are perfect for this style. Therefore, textile-look claddings are ideal for classic hotel rooms.

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