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Cozy and Warm Houses: Ideas to Improve Your Home

Warmth is what makes a house a home, and having a cozy house is not difficult with these tips.

Cozy houses reflect the personality of someone warm, friendly and hospitable. If you want your house to reflect all these qualities, do not miss these tips to improve your home.

"Cozy decoration is essential in any home and, when it comes to creating warm homes, every detail counts".

In this article, we want to help you by bringing together the details that make a house a real home.

Living room with cosy porcelain floor in brown tones

Barro Collection

Materials, elements and characteristics to make a room cozy

Whatever room in your house you want to give a more welcoming touch, take note of these tips, materials and elements that will help you.

Ambient lights

Forget general and flat lights, and opt for spotlights, which create a warmer atmosphere. If you want to give the room an extra touch of warmth, you can opt for bulbs with warmer—yellow— tones, but this is not essential.

Natural and warm materials

Natural materials create a cozy atmosphere and can bring warmth to rooms. Therefore, materials such as metals or glass should be avoided where possible. It is always better to choose wood, which is typical of winter homes.

Warm living room with blue floor and acegodor

Filo Collection

Season curtains

Choose curtains of the most appropriate fabric for the season and, in addition to preventing both cold and heat from entering and providing privacy, you will see how they can create a very cozy atmosphere inside your home.

Natural textiles, knitted blankets and cushions

Beyond curtains, many other textiles can bring a homey and warm atmosphere to your home. Among the most notable are knitted blankets, soft rugs and cushions for the sofa or bed. And do not forget that you can incorporate a textile look to the walls and floor of the room to enhance its warmth.

Do not forget the smell

If your home already looks and feels comfortable, you should not forget about the smell. With the right fragrances in each room, you can influence the mood, providing a sense of calm and extra comfort.

Living room in warm white and grey tones and with fireplace

Filo Collection

Warm colors for interiors

Warm colors are another key element for a home to be welcoming. Tones such as beige, sand, earth colors or browns are very successful in this type of environment.

Additionally, to avoid overloading the environment with too many warm tones, it is highly advisable to create contrast with other colors, such as white.

Warm and cozy decoration: how to choose porcelain tiles

To make a good choice of porcelain tiles for your home when you want the décor to be warm and welcoming, you must take into account some important factors:

  • Glossier finishes can give a cooler look, so a natural finish or even embossed coatings can be the ideal choice for a warm home.
  • The best look for porcelain tiles is one that imitates warm materials, such as wood. For this reason, wood-look porcelain tiles, clay-look tiles and all those that eschew cold metal are perfect.
  • The colors on the flooring of a home with a warm atmosphere should reflect that warmth. And if you want to innovate in this sense, colors like pink or gold are the ideal option for you.
Hard-wearing wooden floor in the porcelain stoneware hallway

Echo Collection

Porcelain tiles that create warm and welcoming environments

When choosing porcelain tiles to create warm and welcoming environments, it is very important to take into account the room in which you are going to install them.

Ideas to create cozy living rooms with warm colors

In the living room, in addition to following the rest of the advice we have given you, you can clad one of the walls with stone-look porcelain tiles and provide an extra touch of warmth. You can also use pre-scored tiles for the floor, enhancing the personality of this important space in the home.

Ideas for cozy bathrooms

Wall tiles with floral motifs or a natural ambiance can give your bathroom a homey look. This, along with cement-look porcelain flooring in one of its lightest and warmest tones, will be the perfect way to improve the atmosphere of your bathroom.

Ideas for cozy kitchens

Hydraulic porcelain tiles, in addition to serving as a dividing element, can turn the kitchen into a more welcoming space. Porcelain tiles in dark tones such as black or gray can also create a very pleasant effect when combined well with the rest of the room.

Cosy and warm bathroom in pink, green and white tones with wooden and stone furniture.

Ipsum Collection

Apavisa porcelain stoneware warm floor in beige tones

Earth Collection

Some ideas if your house is small and you want it to be warm and coz

Warmth does not depend on the size of a house, so decorating small, cozy houses is just a question of taking into account a few details:

  • When choosing the warm-color palette, always opt for lighter tones, so as not to visually reduce the spaces.
  • Use large mirrors, as they will reflect the rooms and make them appear larger.
  • Use floor-length curtains to your advantage. Vertical patterns will make the house appear taller, while horizontal patterns will lengthen the space.
  • Do not forget natural materials and fibers in décor, lamps, textiles, etc.
  • Use rugs to your advantage in the same way as curtains, as they will provide visual amplitude to the space.

Cozy homes do not come about by chance, but we are sure that these tips will make yours a warm, comfortable, real home.

Bathroom in brown tones and waterproof porcelain flooring.

Aria Collection

Kitchen with warm and cosy terrazzo floor in the home

South Collection

Living room with porcelain stoneware fireplace creates cosy atmosphere

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