The new Natura collection is aimed especially at residential designs

Apavisa presents Natura as a new collection ideal for lining and paving our homes. The bathroom should be an intimate and cosy space, Natura allows us to connect with our essence in this vital and organic place, where the priority is to feel good. The rigato finish intended for walls, gives the surface of the bathrooms a more sensory and vibrant appearance. Also in kitchens Natura can be a good option to add personality, simply by paving the floor. Natura generates warm and versatile environments perfect for both large and small kitchens. It is also be a great choice for dining rooms. Its natural character is contemporary and can be combined with different decorative lines, regardless whether they are minimalistic, Scandinavian, rustic or classic. Its different colours are perfectly compatible with each other and other materials, like wood, metal or stone. Natura is presented as a complete collection that brings us back to our primitive origin, connecting with current trends in interior design, where the priority is our well-being; harmony for practical and balanced spaces.


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