Break away from classic looks and add a chic sophistication to living spaces.

Unique tiles with a strong wow factor, suitable for a wide variety of settings.


Rhythmic elegance encapsulated in hexagons.

Starline is perfect for creating ground-breaking settings. Its design and format make monotony a thing of the past, bringing rhythm to surfaces and a touch of serenity through its lines.

These unique tiles combine to create an eye-catching pattern. Ideal for refurbishment projects, where they add select stylish elegance and singular personality. They are also perfect for a wide variety of residential projects, on walls or floors, where they add a much sought-after decorative appeal.

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Hexagonal tiles.

Sophisticated, cheerful and distinctive.

Black and white are useful tools in interior design, bringing a chic, clean, refreshing elegance to a wide variety of living spaces. With Starline Black and Starline White, maximum advantage can be taken of these two simple colours to make your own personal decorative statement.

The blue design infuses living spaces with warmth and tranquillity, evocative of Greek styles.


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