Neocountry White Natural 60X60

Neocountry White Natural 60X60

Available colors

Available formats

Finishes of this product

Neocountry White Natural 60X60: G-1284

Neocountry White Boc Mosai 7,5X15 30X30
White Relief 30x30
Neocountry White Nat Mosai 5X5 30X30
White Natural 30x30
Neocountry White Boc List-60 7,5X60
White Relief 7,5X60
Neocountry White Boc Taco 7,5X7,5
White Relief 7,5X7,5
Neocountry White Nat List-60 7,5X60
White Natural 7,5X60
Neocountry White Nat Taco 7,5X7,5
White Natural 7,5X7,5


Thickness 11mm

Thickness 11mm



Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile


M2/box: 1,06

Kg/m2: 24,24

Kg/piece: 8,50

Kg/box: 25,76

Pc/box: 3

Type/piece: BASE

Box/palet: 30

Kg/palet: 795,89

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