Cast Iron

Cast Iron White Natural 60X120

Cast Iron White Natural 60X120
Cast Iron White Natural 60X120

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Cast Iron White Natural 60X120: G-1448

Cast Iron White Nat Mos 2,5X2,5 Mos 30X30
White Natural MOS 30X30
Cast Iron White Nat Decor Ramp 30X60
White Natural 30x60


Thickness 11mm

Thickness 11mm



Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile

This collection evokes all the natural charm of cast iron objects, using cutting-edge technology to create striking high-performance porcelain tiles with outstanding characteristics. Cast Iron reproduces the colours and textures that are created during the smelting and manufacture of steel.


M2/box: 0,71

Kg/m2: 27,52

Kg/piece: 19,18

Kg/box: 19,54

Pc/box: 1

Type/piece: BASE

Box/palet: 50

Kg/palet: 1.000,00


M2/box: 1,06

Kg/m2: 24,23

Kg/piece: 8,50

Kg/box: 25,76

Pc/box: 3

Type/piece: BASE

Box/palet: 30

Kg/palet: 795,65


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