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Impromptu brushstrokes for livening up living spaces

With the beauty and simplicity of its impromptu brushstrokes, the Ipsum collection is refreshingly innovative.


Splashes of paint

Ipsum is a porcelain tile collection with a relaxed optimistic design, perfect for creating cheerful-looking interiors.  

The collection’s smooth matt finish lends the tiles a soft delicate air. Ipsum comes in pink or white in a new 25x100cm format and in 12.5x50cm or 8x50, together with a 30x30cm mosaic-effect model.

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Optimism in porcelain tiles

Inspired by the Emotional Colour trend, Ipsum seeks to foster a sensation of emotional wellbeing through colour. The collection can be used as an invaluable tool in interior design, since it is capable of transforming any living space in the home or commercial space into something truly special.


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