All the charm of the Mediterranean brought to porcelain tiles.

Hutton is a collection perfect for those in search of neutral colours and a warm, natural decorative charm.


Tiles with a harmonious handcrafted appearance.

Hutton is a new porcelain tile collection and accompanying décor, inspired by the charm of traditional Mediterranean craftsmanship. With its terracotta appearance, it will enhance residential and commercial projects of all kinds, infusing them with a soothing, harmonious, comfortable feel.

To create these unique tiles, brand new technologies have been used that allow for a combination of relief textures, a mix of designs, glossy glazes and pre-scored lines, all on one tile.










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Cotto-effect porcelain tiles

Hitherto unseen technology and innovations.

Indeed, the field tiles in the Hutton collection come in a choice of orange, blue or pink. The pre-scored décor is even more natural looking, symbolizing a combination of earth and grass. With its 60x60cm format, divided into pre-scored 20x20 squares, it combines shades of green with differing designs.

A collection with eye-catching visual appeal, based on a combination of new innovations and hitherto unseen technology. With Hutton, the sensations equated with outdoor terraces can be brought to interiors through the creation of spectacular stunning settings.


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