Craquelle pays tribute to the history of ceramic tiles

Among the new products on show at Cersaie 2022, the Craquelle collection stands out for its eye-catching beauty, with a design that pays tribute to the crackle effect after which it is named. 


A luminous glossy shine that brings living spaces to life

Apavisa’s Craquelle model comes in three refreshing pastel shades: blue, beige and green.

The collection’s glossy finish further intensifies the colour of the tiles, reflecting the light and hence infusing living spaces with greater luminosity. All three versions come in a 25x100cm format, in addition to a 30x30cm mosaic-effect tile.

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Refinement and distinction in the Craquelle collection

In olden times, if vitrified glazes were fired at a temperature that was too high or the glazed objects were removed from the kiln when they were still too hot, the tile body would contract and the glaze would crackle, with the appearance of tiny fissures in the topmost layer. 

This former defect is now an in-vogue decorative trend, and the crackle or craquelle effect that lends its name to the collection is a highly-prized phenomenon.


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These are the porcelain tiles in this collection.