Introducing the Toko collection, a porcelain tile that pays homage to the majesty of natural assembled marble. 

Quiet luxury: beauty in simplicity

Subtle elegance in every corner with marble effect

This exclusive collection stands out for three decorative concepts in different marble effects and is available in four captivating colours: White, gold, beige and blue. With formats of 100x100cm and 60x60cm, Toko is positioned as a more decorative option, perfect for those looking for a classic style in interior design.

Toko embodies the concept of "quiet luxury", where attention to detail becomes conscious luxury. This style is not ostentatious, but is expressed through careful choice. It is complemented by discreet furniture, meticulously planned lighting and a personalised, understated ambience. Toko does not adhere to a specific style, but strives to create a personalised ambience that reflects refinement and elegance.

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Small mosaics and microtextures: the art in the details

The Toko collection incorporates small mosaics and microtextures, offering an attractive visual effect and a reinterpretation of the classics. Each piece exhibits exceptional refinement, where repetition, rhythm, order and symmetry intertwine to create a harmonious whole. Carefully crafted geometry becomes the basis of this modern reinterpretation of the classics.

Details that define the environment

The small patterns in Toko are a manifestation of "quiet luxury", where every detail is selected with care and precision. These details not only add refinement, but also contribute to the personalized and sober atmosphere that characterizes this collection. The Toko collection is an example of how the reinterpretation of classics can achieve a perfect balance between history and modernity.

Immerse yourself in the refinement of Toko

In short, the Toko collection offers a unique experience of subtle elegance in every corner. Inspired by marble, this collection goes beyond convention by embracing quiet luxury and the reinterpretation of classics. From small mosaics to microtextures, every detail contributes to the overall refinement. Toko is the perfect choice for those seeking conscious luxury and a classic aesthetic with a modern twist. Let yourself be carried away by the refinement of Toko and transform your spaces into a testimony of timeless elegance.


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