These through-body porcelain tiles stand out for their unique acrylic paint patterns.

Fluid is a collection that simply explodes with colour. It triggers a myriad of sensations, opening up broad innovative design potential wherever it is used.


Specially developed with the collaboration of Spanish artists.

To create this collection, Apavisa Porcelánico sought the assistance of two brothers, Spanish artists specializing in the pouring technique.

Acrylic paints were spilled across the surface, where they interacted, creating unique patterns. 3565 images were created and filmed.

Apavisa then chose the most interesting ones and reproduced the patterns on porcelain tiles, covering them in a vitreous surface finish.

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Marble-effect porcelain tiles

The art of design on through-body porcelain slabs.

This collection is a work of art, able to dress up interiors of all kinds, even as a framed painting.

Pouring is a technique that people love, admire, hate or simply don't understand. Whatever the case, it always makes an impact, since we all catch a glimpse of something unique, mysterious and fascinating in it. The collection comes in two colours: Multicolor, with bright colourful interplay, and Black, in black and white.


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