The elegance of Calacatta marble and all the advantages of through-body porcelain tiles.

The eternal elegance of select marble has been given a contemporary twist in this chic, eclectic porcelain tile collection.


Unique pure raw materials.

The Calacatta collection by Apavisa is inspired by white Carrara marble, recreating its dazzling white background and grey veins to perfection.

Careful attention has been lent to the definition of the veins and their uniformity across the tile surface. A high-performance through-body porcelain tile collection, with the same porcelain material throughout the whole tile, unlike porcelain floor tiles, which o which only have a porcelain body.




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Stylish elegance and a glossy shine all in one

With its 12mm-thick 162x324cm format, the Calacatta collection is specially conceived for use as countertops. Its outstanding properties make it perfect as cladding for furniture or as countertops:

- Resistant to sunlight

- Resistant to frost and ice

- Impervious

- Resistant to stains

- Resistant to ultra-violet rays

- Resistant to heat

- Resistant to mould and bacteria

- Easy to clean

- Resistant to temperature changes

- Dimensionally stable

- Resistant to abrasion

- Resistant to chemicals

The classy elegance of Calacatta marble, combined with all the benefits of through-body porcelain tiles.


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