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A unique neo-classical approach to interior design

Aria is a collection with an aged elegance, thanks to its eroded surface and time-worn pattern: two attractive features in ceramic tiles.  


Chic, sophisticated living spaces

Aria is perfect for minimalist living spaces in dark colours and stained natural materials, where it adds to their beauty. Fascinating end results can be achieved by combining the field tiles that feature an eroded surface with the decors whose copper or metal-coloured patterns have a timeless appeal in keeping with lux surface decorative trends. 

All the models (black decor, black natural, oxidum decor and oxidum natural) come in a 25x100cm, 12.5x50cm or 8x50cm format, together with a 30x30cm mosaic-effect version.

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The Aria collection unites luxury with select distinction

This is a collection rooted in neo-classical design styles. Back in the days of the Charleston and its parties, luxury goods and eye-catching metal objects became popular buys as the population’s purchasing power rose. With Aria, a tile collection with a select aura of distinction has been developed, perfect for creating warm, elegant settings. 


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