Brushstrokes of colour that break the boundary of our imaginations.

An innovative, modern collection, with an attractive colourful design.


Watercolour paintings on porcelain tiles.

As its name indicates, Aquarela brings watercolour paintings to porcelain tiles. Watercolour effects are one of the latest in-vogue trends in interior design, with colourful, fun-filled results.

Aquarela brings brushstrokes of colour to both walls and floors. Colour's slight imperfections have been realistically recreated using state-of-the-art digital printing technologies.

Apavisa Porcelánico has created this special collection in a choice of five colours: Black, Green, Red, Ivory and White.

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Cement-effect porcelain tiles.

Designs and colours of varying depths.

In the red model particularly, a rust-like appearance has been achieved by mixing red with an underlying yellow base.

The green model has an unprecedented sense of depth, infusing living spaces with singular beauty.

The black model also stands out for its depth, with a cloudy watercolour mix of black and white.

The white model comes in an immaculate natural finish, infusing settings with luminosity and refined distinction.

With Aquarela, settings of all kinds can be transformed into an oasis of peace and tranquillity.


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These are the porcelain tiles in this collection.