Unparalleled Venetian plaster.

Unique combinations for distinctive living spaces with a chic modern touch


The classic beauty of Venetian plaster

This collection, inspired by stucco cement, conjures up all the beauty of classic Venetian plaster. Real Venetian plaster, also known as polished plaster, had a smooth glossy finish, made up of differing shades of colour.

Apavisa has faithfully recreated this highly decorative look, used in ancient Greece and Rome.

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Cement-effect porcelain tiles.

Special pigmenting technology.

Apavisa's new Venetian-plaster-effect porcelain tiles feature a delicate relief pattern evocative of the marks of the plasterer's spatula; a look typically associated with this traditional technique.

Anima comes in a unique combination of colours, achieved by using special pigmenting technology. Its Multicolor design combines pastel colours with other brighter ones, allowing for unique combinations and highly singular living spaces.

Because these designs come in multiple different versions, no two tiles are alike. With Anima, the colours flow into one another, with unique end results that cannot be achieved in any other way.


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