Apavisa's version of traditional encaustic cement tiles.

The charm of handmade encaustic cement tiles, with an innovative contemporary twist.


Encaustic cement tiles that will never become outdated.

4Ever is a collection that represents some of the most traditional designs found on encaustic cement tiles. Apavisa has given these 19th century southern French designs a refreshing modern air.

Originally, encaustic cement tiles were developed as an alternative to stone paving. Their creation also coincided with the Modernist movement, hence their geometrical, floral and plant designs.



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Encaustic-cement-effect porcelain tiles,

Faithfully recreated natural and floral motifs.

Apavisa has recreated these encaustic cement tiles in a 10mm-thick 60x60cm format with pre-scored 20x20cm squares. The series reproduces the original motifs in a choice of two different colours, black and green. The first stands out for its strong contrast between black and white, highlighting the natural motifs and fractal designs. The second comes in a vibrant shade of green, which still manages not to eclipse its accompanying grey shade.

This vivid green colour creates a pleasing, elegant contrast with the grey and white.


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