Fana Sparebank

Fana Sparebank, a welcoming and cosy bank

  • Architect: Sol design

  • Projects: Fana Sparebank

  • Country: Norwey (Oslo)

  • Collections used: Regeneration

Products we used for this project


This is how we carried out this project.

Planned by the design and architecture studio Sol Design, this new branch of Fana Sparebank in Oslo, the Norwegian capital, was planned within the concept of a work café, where commercial office, café, meeting rooms, and event spaces coexist.

 The result is a welcoming and cozy office with a timeless style, where the architectural elements are as important as the furniture, made of noble materials and with simple, straight lines. 

 For this project, Apavisa's Regeneration Black collection was chosen for the flooring of the whole space. This collection, with a rusty metal effect, is inspired by the industrial aesthetics of old factories in the 1950s, which was a perfect match for the concept of this project. 

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