Ryio Wok & Sushi, choose Pink terrazzo porcelain tile by Apavisa

  • Studio: Architect NKN Architecture & Design

  • Project: Ryio Wok & Sushi

  • Country: Romania

  • Collections used: South Pink Natural 100x100

Products we used for this project

South Pink Natural 100x100

Pink terrazzo and Japanese cherry tree: the protagonists in this restaurant 

RIYO WOK & SUSHI is a Japanese Restaurant situated in downtown Timisoara, Romania. The concept was developed around one central element – the Japanese Cherry Tree. 


In order to achieve the specific Asian atmosphere, the arrangement presents materials such as natural wood - in different formulas, slate - a flexible natural stone with a robust appearance, or paper - through the presence of wallpaper or hanging red lanterns. These natural materials, together with the stainless steel objects for an industrial accent, dominate the interior space.


In contrast, the ambient is balanced by a terrazzo looking floor - tiles with a light pink-salmon shade (Apavisa – South Pink Natural in 1x1m size) and the protagonist of the restaurant, the Japanese Cherry Tree, with its delicate flowers, that forms a canopy in the ceiling structure. 


The modest 50 square meter restaurant has an open kitchen that puts on a culinary show for customers, especially those sitting at the bar that surrounds the cooking area. Another interesting corner is the window ledge facing the pedestrian street, which offers a view towards the outside and, at the same time, has the role of attracting the attention of passers-by. In the back area of the restaurant, a booth was created for smaller groups of customers who want more privacy. This space has an illuminated ceiling with a print that reinterprets the leitmotif of the restaurant.


Author: NKN arhitectura – arch. Ianko Norbert
Photos: arch. Ianko Norbert

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