Ambre Restaurant

Restaurant located in Krasnodar

  • Studio: Unique Agency

  • Architect: Aleksandr Smolnyakov

  • Project: Ambre Restaurant

  • Collections used: Tattoo Oxidum


Products we used for this project

Tattoo Oxidum Decor 45X90

A cafe-bar that surprises even the most hedonistic

The Ambré Proust Effect café-bar on Krasnaya Street is one of those restaurants that surprises you as soon as you walk in the door.  

A friendly hostess greets you at the entrance and accompanies you to the first floor, where the main dining room is located. A space suitable for a business meeting as well as for ordering a couple of signature snacks and having a cocktail with friends after a stroll along the city's main street.

In different areas of the restaurant, such as the break room and the main lounge, Apavisa's Tattoo Oxidum collection was chosen to decorate the floor. 

The result is a gourmet café with a modern style that has become the ideal place for hedonists.

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