A variety of formats for creative diversity

In the constant search for innovation and elegance in the world of ceramics, Apavisa presents its latest creation: the Tierra tile collection. 


Exploring nature in design

Inspired by the rusticity and warmth of terracotta and cotto, this series invites us on a sensory journey through its authenticity and detailed design. With a variety of formats, colours and finishes, Tierra is positioned as a versatile and charming option to give life to our spaces.

The Tierra collection stands out for its variety of formats. The impressive Slabs in 120x280 cm, 120x120 cm and 60x120 cm offer a natural finish that captures the rustic and warm essence. These imposing formats are like a window to authenticity, allowing the creation of continuous and harmonious surfaces.

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Finishes that add personality

The 60x60 cm format, with its decor finish, adds a distinctive touch to the Tierra collection. This special finish reflects a fine earth-like relief, adding depth and texture to the surface. The decorative design is like a tribute to nature itself, bringing the essence of the environment into interior spaces.

Handcrafted details in the 30x90 cm format

For those looking for more exclusive details, the 30x90 cm format with Fiore finish is the perfect choice. This special design features leaves in relief, as if they were hand-painted on the tile. This finish adds a handcrafted and organic touch that pays tribute to nature and its intrinsic beauty.

A spectrum of colours that reflects the earth

The Tierra collection offers two captivating colours: "Sand" and "Teja". Sand" evokes the softness of sand, while "Teja" recalls the warm colour of sun-baked clay. These colours, in combination with the various formats and finishes, allow a wide range of possibilities to personalise spaces according to our taste and style.

Focus on interior design and architecture: Trend and Authenticity

The trend towards design that embraces nature and authenticity makes the Tierra collection more relevant than ever. In the field of interior design, these tiles allow the creation of environments that connect with the earth and convey a sense of tranquillity and warmth. In architecture, the integration of natural elements is a growing trend, and the Tierra collection responds to this demand by fusing avant-garde design with the authenticity of nature.

Aesthetics and durability in harmony

Functionality is not sacrificed for aesthetics in the Tierra collection. These porcelain tiles are not only visually appealing, but also durable and wear-resistant. Whether in residential or commercial spaces, Tierra combines the beauty of nature with the durability of porcelain, creating a harmonious aesthetic and functional experience.


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