A look at the aesthetics

Inspired by the modern and versatile aesthetic of concrete, this series represents a perfect balance between style and functionality. With a colour palette that ranges from natural to bold hues, Sullivan offers a unique opportunity to create stunning environments with lasting visual appeal.


Colours that speak style

Sullivan is not just a tile collection, but a design statement. Its concrete-inspired look adds a sense of industrial sophistication to any space. Whether you are designing a minimalist environment or looking for a contemporary touch, Sullivan is the ideal choice to achieve that desired urban style look.

This collection comes in a range of colours that reflect the very essence of concrete. From soft, natural tones to bolder options such as blue and red, each colour in the Sullivan palette offers a unique opportunity to personalise your spaces. These versatile colours allow designers and architects to experiment and create bespoke environments.

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Sizes for creativity

The Sullivan collection comes in a variety of formats, including 120x260 cm, 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm and 60x60 cm. The 120x260cm Slabs format is the perfect canvas for creating a bold statement in any environment, while the other sizes allow for design flexibility to suit a variety of applications. All formats retain the natural finish, which highlights the character and authenticity of concrete.

A robust and elegant material

The Sullivan collection is made from porcelain, a material known for its durability and strength. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, these tiles have the inherent qualities of porcelain, making them ideal for high-traffic spaces and various applications. The natural finish adds an authentic touch, highlighting the beauty of cement at its best.

At the forefront of the trend

The cement aesthetic is a trend that has endured in the world of interior design. Contemporary and urban spaces benefit from the versatility and elegance that cement brings. Apavisa's Sullivan collection is at the forefront of this trend, giving designers and architects the opportunity to create modern and sophisticated environments.


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