An Avant-Garde Perspective in Interior Design

Apavisa invites you to explore a new dimension of interior design with its Perspective collection of decorative wallcoverings. 


A Universe of Colours to Explore

The colours in the Perspective collection are presented in a palette that ranges from enigmatic cobalt to luxurious gold, white, green, silver and bronze. Each colour is a brushstroke that offers designers and architects a variety of hues to weave their visual narratives. These colours are key elements in creating environments that evoke emotion and add a touch of distinction.

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Harmony in Combination
The Perspective collection is not only exceptional in its own right, but also integrates perfectly with other Apavisa elements. The combination with the Elements White Matt ceramic wall tile and the harmonisation with the Elements White Natural and Elements Black Natural porcelain tiles in 60x60 cm format create a coherent visual flow. This versatility gives Perspective a privileged place in avant-garde interior design projects.

An Inexhaustible Source of Inspiration
Perspective not only transforms spaces, it also inspires creativity. Hand-painted glass with crystals adds depth and texture to designs, allowing for the creation of unique patterns and details. Whether in commercial or residential spaces, Perspective elevates the aesthetic and adds a unique touch that doesn't go unnoticed.

Setting the Trend in Interior Design
Apavisa's Perspective collection is not only an expression of creativity and sophistication, it is also a trendsetter in interior design. The versatility of the colours, the distinction of the format and the possibility of combination with other Apavisa collections make it a preferred choice for avant-garde designers and architects. Perspective transcends conventionality, giving spaces the ability to tell stories and reflect the vision of those who inhabit them.


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