Lumina: Discover a unique visual experience

Apavisa's Lumina collection redefines interior design with its range of unique wall coverings. From lines and reliefs to textures inspired by nature, Lumina offers a visual experience that invites you to discover beauty in every detail.


Exploring the nuances of colours in Lumina

Lumina is a palette of possibilities, where every colour and finish represents a blank canvas for designers. Gold Trafilato, with its linear relief and matt finish, adds depth and movement to surfaces. On the other hand, the eclectic dotted Decor finish offers an intriguing visual touch. White Fiore Matt features a delicate floral pattern in white, while White Scalfito with its rough texture evokes nature in its purest form. Each Lumina option is an invitation to creativity.

With a 30x90 cm format, Lumina gives designers a versatile platform to explore. This size offers the possibility to create unique patterns and designs on walls and surfaces, inviting experimentation and innovation.

Finishes that add character

Lumina finishes are more than aesthetic elements: they are visual storytellers. From the lines of Gold Trafilato to the roughness of White Scalfito, each finish creates a distinct sensory experience. The White Fiore Matt and Decor finishes add a personalised and artistic touch to any environment.

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Pink Trafilato

Blue Trafilato

Gold Trafilato



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Elevating aesthetics with Lumina

Apavisa's Lumina collection is more than a series of tiles; it is a visual experience that combines style and texture. Each colour and finish offers a blank canvas for creativity and artistic expression. Whether you're looking to add elegance to a commercial space or a personal touch to a home, Lumina gives you the tools to make it happen.

A universe of stylistic and sensory opportunities

Lumina is a testament to versatility and innovation in interior design. From Gold Trafilato to White Scalfito, each option presents a world of stylistic and sensorial possibilities. Apavisa invites design enthusiasts to explore this universe and bring their most inspiring visions to life. With Lumina, there are no limits to your creativity.

Lumina: where beauty and originality meet

At Lumina, beauty and originality come together to transform your spaces into interior design masterpieces. Every colour and texture gives you the opportunity to express your unique style and bring your boldest ideas to life. Lumina is your blank canvas, waiting to be transformed by your creativity.


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