Atmospheres with a unique touch.

A wood type with an authentic and breezy style. "

Karacter is a multi-colored wood type collection, with a lighthearted design and a distinct personality. Perfect for spaces in need of energy and a fresh touch; it makes the room look truly unique.


Vitality and freshness for your spaces.

Karacter looks like a long-lived wood, with the added appeal of wear and tear, which makes the space look more authentic and natural, full of genuine vitality.





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An expressive, multi-colored wood type.

Karacter breaks away from traditional wood aesthetics.

Available in Multicolor and White, Karacter breaks away from the contained colors of classical wood. This series is presented in format 50x100 and 16x100, making it ideal for offset or staggered patterns that will give the room an expressive and original look.


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