The new Kangen collection is a porcelain tile that goes beyond simple aesthetics, capturing the very essence of Earth's history.

The Art of Re-burning: A Journey to Authenticity

Kangen: where stone tells the story of the land

This collection features a unique effect on the base pieces, created by representing the technique of reducing atmospheres, which causes a reaction in the elements of the ceramic material, resulting in a natural effect that evokes the crackles and the very origin of ceramics.

Through a reduction process, using the reductive firing technique inspired by Japanese ceramics, Kangen achieves a degraded burnt effect. This process evokes the solemnity and strength of nature, narrating the history of the Earth through cracks, breaks and imperfections that reflect temporal decay. Each piece is a testament to the hardness and resistance of the stones that have withstood the passage of time.

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Emotional brushstrokes and significant decorations

Kangen presents two decorated models that add a unique artistic dimension. The first, in 50x100cm format, represents the beginning and end of life's journey. The dynamic brush strokes flow with ups and downs and precipitous, capturing the dynamic flow of existence. The second model, in a 20x20cm format with pre-cut, offers a more diffuse representation, symbolizing the interaction with the environment. These brushstrokes, which represent the most emotional part, add a deep connection with nature and history.

Style and trend: rusticity and vintage

Kangen is more than a ceramics collection; It is a return to the roots, to the original authenticity. With a rustic and vintage style, the collection embraces the philosophy of "as is", celebrating the imperfections and intrinsic strength of nature. This approach embodies the solidity of the stones that tell the story of the Earth, creating an environment that radiates history and authenticity.

Art and personalization: a celebration of life and nature

Kangen's decorated pieces go beyond aesthetics. They represent the journey of life, with its ups and downs and hasty moments, in a 50x100cm format. While the 20x20cm format with pre-cut is blurred, symbolizing the interaction with the environment. These decorations are also an artistic and personalized expression, incorporating natural elements and artistic techniques in each piece.

Dive into the depths of Kangen

In short, Kangen is a collection that goes beyond conventional ceramic aesthetics. Each piece tells a story of the Earth, from its origin to the present. With emotional brush strokes, burnt effects and a rustic style, Kangen celebrates authenticity and connection to nature. Immerse yourself in the depths of Kangen and transform your spaces with the very essence of the Earth.


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