Where nature and elegance converge

Discover Apavisa's Himalaya collection, a sublime expression of natural majesty. With a colour palette that pays homage to the earth and an exclusive Silk finish, each tile captures the serenity and elegance of this natural treasure.


A tribute to the beauty of the Himalayas

Apavisa's Himalaya collection is an ode to the breathtaking purity of the Himalayas. Each tile is a masterpiece that evokes the richness of the land, from the warm tones of beige to the serene grey and deep blue. With their Silk finish, these tiles are not only a visual marvel, but also a functional solution, ensuring durability and easy cleaning over time. Himalaya becomes a blank canvas with a wide variety of formats, allowing architects and designers to bring their visions to life with complete creative freedom.

The soul of Himalaya in design

The Himalaya collection is more than just an aesthetic expression; it is a tribute to the very soul of the Himalayas. Like salt that has been forged for centuries in the depths of the earth, these tiles are a fusion of nature and technology. Every detail, from the colours to the finish, captures the authenticity and purity of this natural treasure. Not only do they add beauty, but they also bring a durability that accompanies everyday life, thanks to their Silk finish that makes them easy to clean and guarantees resistance to wear and tear.

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Elegance in every tile

The Himalaya collection offers a colour palette ranging from deep red to deep blue, adding authenticity and depth to any space.

An experience of contemporary opulence

Himalaya pays homage to marble, a symbol of luxury and sophistication, by reinterpreting it in a contemporary and durable material. From classic to modern environments, it adds a touch of opulence and distinction.

A link between nature and design

The Himalaya collection is an invitation to the connection between nature and design. With evocative colours, versatility in formats and the elegance of marble, it creates an experience that goes beyond the visual.


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