This collection stands out for its high chromatic variety, multiplying the decorative possibilities. The available shades, beige, white and grey, form the perfect palette to infuse life and elegance into any environment.

Apavisa's Focus tile collection

Focus: where terracotta and stone merge in a dance of colours and textures.

Circular and organic compositions: elegance in 60x60cm

Focus offers a special model in 60x60cm format, decorated with circular and organic compositions. These soft and light designs provide a fine and delicate decoration, bringing a unique elegance to any space.

Creative Brick Reliefs: modernity with shades of colour

Another distinctive feature of the Focus collection is the 50x100cm embossed designs, available in all three colours. These creative and modern brick reliefs are embossed with de-tonalisations that add depth and character to each piece. The stains and gradients of tone within the piece create an intriguing visual palette.

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Playing with geometry and natural earth: a unique approach

Focus plays with geometry and natural earth to create a strong focus on clay and stone. The collection immerses itself in nature, incorporating earth as a key element. This approach not only highlights the rustic beauty, but also conveys a sense of ecology and connection to the earth.

Bold Patterns writ large: a serene play with the earth

The décor of the Focus collection invites you to explore the earth in a unique way. With a large-scale geometric pattern, which follows the current Bold Patterns trend, it conveys rhythm and joy. This design is a visual expression of playing serenely with the earth, creating an atmosphere full of vitality and modernity.

Immerse yourself in the natural elegance of Focus

In short, Focus is more than a collection of tiles; it is a visual experience that fuses the best of terracotta and stone. With circular compositions, creative brick reliefs and a unique focus on the earth, each piece tells a story of nature, ecology and rustic elegance. Immerse yourself in the natural elegance of Focus and transform your spaces into an oasis of warmth and timeless style.


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