Electa Collection | Concrete effect porcelain tiles


Electa: a link between style and functionality

Apavisa's Electa collection redefines the aesthetics of ceramic wall tiles by fusing design and functionality. With a range of colours and a finish that evokes the texture of concrete, this series brings elegance and versatility to any space. 


Colours that embody elegance

Electa comes in a palette of carefully selected colors: green, ivory and beige. These subtle, timeless shades allow designers and architects to create balanced, serene visual compositions that blend seamlessly into a variety of styles and environments.

Electa's concrete-effect finish goes beyond the conventional. With flashes of light that evoke the texture and reflections of snakeskin, these tiles add depth and character to surfaces. The small flashes of light that emanate from their surface create a captivating interplay with ambient lighting, transforming the space into a dynamic and lively environment.

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The aesthetics of concrete reinterpreted

Electa's concrete effect finish is a masterful representation of the art of ceramics. It gives spaces a unique texture and a contemporary aesthetic that blends with a variety of styles and decors. Whether in commercial spaces or residential settings, this collection becomes a canvas for creativity and personal expression.

Transform your spaces with Electa

The apavisa Electa collection is more than just a ceramic tile; it is a statement of style and elegance. Its elegant colours, concrete-effect finish and versatile formats offer a unique solution for those looking to transform their spaces into environments full of character and sophistication.


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