Coral is the porcelain collection that pays homage to antique lead glazed ceramics, fusing the essence of majolica with modern technological processes.

Coral: resin that resonates with ancient majolica

Majolica reinterpreted: enamel tiles for the 21st century

Coral collection is a modern reinterpretation of ancient craftsmanship, capturing the spirit of majolica with new technological processes. Stemming from the ancient lead-glazed ceramics used to obtain glossy tiles, Coral fuses tradition with innovation to achieve the shimmering effect. This Neapolitan style, reminiscent of majolica ceramics, incorporates tiles that become unique pieces of art.

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Craftsmanship and personalisation: touches of uniqueness

Coral celebrates craftsmanship and personalisation with artistry, incorporating imperfections from craquelure and the passage of time. Each piece tells a unique story of the modern interpretation of craftsmanship, where imperfections are not flaws, but features that add character and authenticity.

Brushstrokes of Bold Color art: vibrant style and trend

The décor of the Coral collection is presented in the form of brushstrokes, following the Bold Color style and trend. These brushstrokes add a vibrant and contemporary touch to the ceramics, transforming each piece into a unique expression of modernity and bold style.

Immerse yourself in the modern elegance of Coral

In short, Coral is a collection that fuses the charm of majolica with 21st century innovation. From the modern reinterpretation of craftsmanship to the brushstrokes of Bold Color art, each element of Coral reflects a unique, contemporary elegance. Immerse yourself in the history and uniqueness of Coral, where resin resonates with the authenticity of antique ceramics, creating an ambience full of charm and style.


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