The Warm Elegance of Terracotta in your Space

Apavisa is proud to present its captivating new Argilla collection, a celebration of the rustic charm and warmth of terracotta. With a variety of colours including rosso, ochre and white, this series transforms any environment into an oasis of style and authenticity. Inspired by the natural and enriching aesthetic of terracotta, Argilla evokes the very essence of the earth.


Colours that bring life to your spaces

Argilla embraces a captivating colour palette. From striking rosso to the earth tones of ochre and the purity of white, each colour reflects the beauty of nature and its variability. These shades allow designers and architects to create unique visual compositions that suit a variety of styles and environments.

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The Rustic Charm of Terracotta

Argilla's terracotta effect captures the essence of the earth with its distinctive texture and tones. Each tile exudes the warm, authentic feel of terracotta, adding a layer of rustic charm to any setting. This effect pairs perfectly with the natural, slip-resistant finishes, resulting in a collection that is equally beautiful and practical.

The Argilla collection is a masterful fusion of nature and design. Each tile reflects the richness of the natural environment, while its durability and versatility meet the demands of modern spaces. Whether you're looking to create a relaxed and inviting environment or an elegant and refined one, Argilla provides the tools to achieve it.

Terracotta: A Design Trend

The terracotta aesthetic has experienced a resurgence in interior design. Its warm tones and rustic look bring a sense of authenticity and warmth to spaces. The Argilla collection adds to this trend, offering the opportunity to incorporate the timeless beauty of terracotta into today's most contemporary projects.

The Argilla collection by Apavisa is an invitation to transform your spaces into places full of charm and authenticity. With its terracotta effect, variety of colors and versatile formats, this series becomes an essential tool for designers and architects looking to fuse natural beauty with modern functionality.


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