Apavisa breaks the limits of space: new format 3.0

Apavisa introduces 120×300 cm large-format porcelain tiles. These large Slabs seek to break the limits, by creating architecture inspired tiles with limitless sizes.

Columnas Apavisa de nuevo formato de tres metros

Apavisa presents new versatile porcelain designs, which can be adapted to every project and application:

Walls – Facades – Furniture – Worktops – Showers – Flooring

It is a porcelain tile with a timeless character and high technical characteristics, 0.1 % water absorption, frost resistant and high resistance to abrasion.

Apavisa’s large-format porcelain tiles are a trendy bet, with a timeless character. Quality and personality which makes any space look luxurious.

With this XXL format, Apavisa manages to break down visual barriers, creating an effect of continuity. The large size of these porcelain pieces enhances any room, giving it spaciousness and uniformity.

Thus, this new size will reduce installation times in new buildings or refurbishments.

This advantage is accentuated by the 6 mm thickness of the XXL pieces by Apavisa, as it allows you to cover the original surfaces reducing costs and generating less waste.

In addition, these 3-metre porcelain tiles are more hygienic. By installing less pieces, there are fewer joints, and therefore fewer areas where dirt can remain. Apavisa XXL pieces are all rectified to the same size which allows an installation with a mínimum grout to guarantee the surface is waterproof.

Apavisa is launching three cutting edge collections in this size, two of which are marble-look porcelain tiles. While the third is inspired by a precast concrete, available in three colors, with a minimalist design.

The best option for creating elegant and contemporary spaces.

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