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MOOD Video

MOOD Collection. WHEN CULTURE BECOMES INSPIRATION. Images that bring us back to the memory of the senses. Feeling and passion turned into real instruments. Discover it on our video channel: MOOD video.

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Nos vemos en CEVISAMA 2019

Nos vemos en CEVISAMA 2019 Level 3 - Hall 1 - Stand B24 Para esta nueva edición de Cevisama 2019 , Apavisa presenta nuevas colecciones enfocadas al ámbito residencial y también comercial. NATURA Inspirada en piedras naturales,  disponible en 2 acabados, natural y rigato. Natura es belleza y evocación, naturaleza en estado bruto, alma nórdica [...]

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Project Kampos House in Paros island, GR

Kampos House in Paros island, GR  Architects: Lantavos Projects (www.lp-architects.gr)  Location: Kampos, Paros, Greece  Project Year: 2016  Photography: George Messaritakis (www.gmessaritakis.com) The house is located within the boundaries of the settlement of Kampos, at the Cycladic island of Paros. Its natural presence is enhanced by the sublime rural landscape surrounds it, which consists of [...]

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Apavisa presents ALUMINUM

Rescuing the ideals of Mid Century Modern, Aluminum is a more contemporary refashioning of the material, adapted and designed for new decorative trends. Light and sophistication prevail in this collection in which elegance and minimalism take the leading role. Mirrored, metallic and clean surfaces frame and generate versatile spaces where we can combine different colors and sensations. Its [...]

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