Apavisa is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of extremely high quality porcelain stoneware. The objective of Apavisa is to offer exclusive products, that combine the skilful form with technique and design.

The aim is to offer the market exclusive products of the highest quality, which masterly combine technique and design to achieve the highest surface resistance, versatility and reliability.

The Apavisa plant is spread over more than 250,000 square meters. It is occupied by a highly qualified workforce involved in the business of project technology. We enjoy all the resources needed which allow the company to offer the market a product that joins all that is needed in construction projects to perform with excellence: technical features and decorative versatility.

Apavisa Porcelanico facilities are completed with a product showroom which covers an area of more than 1,550 square meters and is dedicated, monographically, to the porcelain tile. The show-room is intended and designed to be an effective working tool for professional clients, such as architects and designers.

In this showroom it is possible to examine the main applications of the porcelain and to verify its decorative capacity. In this way, professionals can appreciate, in-situ, the different textures from the pieces or the diversity of chromatic effects which can be obtained thanks to this versatile covering which is suitable for any use.

The latest technological application of production methods and careful controls made throughout the process, allows Apavisa to offer excellent technical benefits to the market, after the porcelain has been converted into a high quality, non-absorbent, comfortable and uncomplicated covering product.
The micro-sealing, mono-calibre, enormous resistance to flexion (61 N/mm²), very low absorption (+/- 0.1), frost resistance and the resistance to surface wear are technical characteristics that distinguish the porcelain tile of Apavisa. For these reasons, among many other considerations, it is a clean and hygienic product.

These excellent technical benefits, the variety of finished textures, natural, structured, satin, semi-shining, polished-, as well as the infinitive range of chromatic effects, are what allows Apavisa to offer its customers unique pieces, exclusive for floor and wall.

This decorative versatility of the porcelain of Apavisa, makes it an excellent support for the development of the creativity and the design in architectonic interiors, obtaining customized applications in all types of settings.

Exceptional characteristics make Apavisa collections a porcelain multifunctional covering, suitable for flooring and walls, as much in interiors as in exteriors, that overcome the limitations of natural stone, improving their technical an decorative benefits.

Apavisa Porcelanico is presenting two types of catalogues The first one presents an overview of some of the most prestigious projects made by the company in outside and inside location. The second one is the General catalogue presenting all the diferent series of porcelain tiles.

In its exhibition activities, Apavisa participates in the most important fairs, worldwide. Its presence in CERSAIE, or the ceramic tile fair of Bologna, CEVISAMA, BATIMAT, ICFF, 100% DESIGN LONDON or COVERINGS to mention a few ones is proof of the excellent quality of its products. During the past exhibitions it has become evident, that the Apavisa´s collection is in harmony with the latest features and tendencies of advance guard architecture.