8 03, 2021

3 metres large format porcelain tile

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Apavisa breaks the limits of space: new format 3.0 Apavisa introduces 120x300 cm large-format porcelain tiles. These large Slabs seek to break the limits, by creating architecture inspired tiles with limitless sizes. Apavisa presents new versatile porcelain designs, which can be adapted to every project and application: Walls - Facades - Furniture - [...]

7 05, 2019

Nuovo catalogo BIM per professionisti.

2020-02-10T13:50:27+00:0007/05/2019|Información Apavisa, Notícias|0 Comments

At APAVISA we strive to provide the best service and quality. Innovation is our drive and one of our main priorities. For this reason we offer professionals the latest technological tools so that they can make the most of each project. BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) was created to serve as a standardised shared [...]

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