Leather, a symbol of protection, beauty and power has captivated humans since the times of ancestral cultures.

 Manifested through different means, art has been developed to produce furniture, ornamentation, fashion and haute couture.

 In search of purely traditional flavours, Pelle is born into a world where the co-existence of the manufactured and the natural is

without a doubt modern tendency.

 The moment has come for leather, in the form of porcelain to clothe and cloak the most special spaces, those that surrounds us, creating spaces with soul, warm and unique.

 Let us make tradition avant-garde…creating fashion, design and new concepts to envelope our surroundings with.

Texture and colour provide this collection with a unique finish. New 3D digital technology introduces the possibility to create and replicate the different

micro-textures of leather on each of the pieces in this collection emphasising the visual aspect and its natural touch.

Pelle is born from an organic concept, but also, sophisticated…

Natural colours combine in this collection to create innovative, welcoming spaces.

Aged gold and silver bestow a noble and historic finish to this collection, creating seductive surfaces.

Pelle is timeless It overwhelms and carries us somewhere exotic …

To a previous existence that is awaiting in the future.

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