New Pre-Scored 20×20 cm decorative collections

New designs and models of 60×60 cm floor and wall tiles with pre-scored in 20x20cm.

We recreate classic formats of small dimensions that have endured over time and that allow us to make creative compositions with a greater decorative component.

These models, manufactured with Pre-Scored-20×20 technology and new applications of vitreous granules, provide us with a variety of optical effects, multiple designs and colours. With a vintage aesthetic, we present multiple collections combining geometric shapes and patterns of traditional-contemporary inspiration with ethnic motifs, geometries or rhombuses.

An offer of diverse collections ideal for decorating both floors and walls, with endless chromatic and volumetric effects, which provide a dynamic and energetic visual sensation.

We complement these new collections with two wood effect series with gold, silver and shaded decorations. In addition, they are more natural designs, evoking peaceful atmospheres and a sense of nature.

Endless unique style options with the new Apavisa Collections. If you want to download the catalogue click here.