Hotel porcelain tile project: Am Stephansplatz Hotel

hotel lobby in vienna with Apavisa porcelain tile flooring

Apavisa is participating in a new project in Vienna for the Am Stephansplatz Hotel. This project is turning this boutique hotel into a space of wellness and contemporary design.

The team of architects from Archiguards ZT GmbH have designed this warm and welcoming space. For this, they have chosen the Nanoconcept collection by Apavisa in the lobby area and corridors.

Stone-effect porcelain tile in Vienna’s most central hotel

Stone-effect porcelain tile called Nanoconcept and installed in a hotel from Vienna.

In addition, the use of this stone-effect material is a safe bet for durability and quality. The Nanoconcept collection is a highly resistant technical product, so it is ideal for high-traffic areas, having high resistance to stains and scratches, and easy maintenance.

The Am Stephansplatz Hotel chose the anthracite and white color of this stone effect porcelain tile, in natural and rigato finish. The formats that can be seen in this hotel project are 45X90 / 15X90 / 90X90.

Hotel Am Stephansplatz in Vienna

the most central hotel in vienna close to st. stephen's cathedral

This hotel was founded in 1956. It is the closest hotel to St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.  From any point of the hotel you can see this Gothic symbol of the Austrian city.

Now, thanks to this architectural project brought by Archiguards ZT GmbH and Apavisa, this boutique has become a statement of style, history and avant-garde.

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